Wet N' Stick Art Tape

1-1/2" x 250'
10 Assorted Colors
10 Rolls
This tape is made from our ArtKraft® Paper, and is coated with a special non-toxic adhesive that will readily stick when moistened (not pressure sensitive). Art Tape is safe, clean, odorless and easy to cut, tear and apply. Use Art Tape to create intricate compositions like flags, banners, mosaics, collages, quilt patterns and even as a papier maché medium. **Special note: Wet N’ Stick Art Tape has been found to be a great hands-on, success oriented art material for people with special needs. It provides immediate, positive reinforcement for their effort, an opportunity to create independently and there is no sticky mess!

Product Details

Product Number P0074950
Size 1-1/2" x 250'
Package Quantity 10 Rolls
Carton Quantity 1
UPC# 029444749504

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Wet N' Stick Art Tape Masks

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