Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are confusing! There are so many types and styles, so which one should you choose? Review our guide below to learn about the parts of a brush, their shapes, and even the types of bristles.

Brush Shapes

Round - Round ferrule, round pointed tip. Use for details, fills, and thin to thick lines. Use with all media. natural or synthetic hair.

Tapered Round - Round ferrule, sharply pointed tip. Great for detailing and fine lines. Use with all media. Natural or synthetic hair.

Flat - Flat ferrule, square tip. Good for large areas and editing for fine lines. Use with all media. Natural or synthetic hair.

Brights - Flat ferrule, taped tip, short length hairs. Width an dlength of brush head is about equal. Useful with thick or heavy color. Use iwth all media. Natural or synethic hair.

Brush Hair

Natural Camel Hair - Camel hair bristles are made from natural hairs such as squirrel, goat, ox, pony, or a blend of these. Camel hair is a soft brush.

Synthetic - Man-made of either nylon or polyester. Synethic brushes can be used with all media.

Natural Bristle - The bristles are obtained from the hairs on the backs of hogs, which are strong yet springy. The bristles are good fo rloading with a lot of paint.